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Praca: C Embedded Engineer [rekrutacja online]

C Embedded Engineer [rekrutacja online]

Localization: Wrocław


Daily activities


As C Embedded Software Developer you will contribute to system architecture, provide software design and implementation, test the software and eventually troubleshoot and solve problems. Depending on your skills and interests you might work on driver development, kernel or tool chain upgrades and troubleshooting.


We work with:

  • UNIX or/and Linux
  • Yocto
  • Jira
  • Advanced measurement equipment (spectrum analyzers, X-Step, Lauterbach)
  • Google Unit Test framework (googletest, googlemock)
  • Perl, Bash, Python, Robot Framework

Our expectations:

  • Experience with C programming language and Linux kernel-space/user-space/drivers development
  • Fluency with Linux OS programming interfaces
  • Practice in u-boot development
  • Experience with RTOS
  • Experience with boot-loaders
  • Experience with ARM architecture
  • Good knowledge of embedded systems design principles
  • Fluency in Version Control System tools (Git)
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Effective teamwork skills
  • Advanced English, both spoken and written

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